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Coach the Fragrance

November 2, 2016

Coach is one of my favorite brands with alluring perfumes that make any woman look and smell beautiful. This fall, Coach launches a new woman perfume named Coach the Fragrance in both concentrations. This new perfume is a remake of the old Coach Signature, renewed by tantalizing notes and inspired by the New York vibes. The new fragrance will be advertised by the gorgeous actress Chloe Grace Moretz. This fresh yet soft rosy perfume got the inspiration by the modern, nonconformist yet feminine and sensual woman of the New York. This perfume evokes “free-spirit attitude, a scent that is individual, authentic and cool” – Coach.

Coach The Fragrance1

The Eau de Parfum concentration is more pronounced and more intense with sparkling raspberry, pear, pink grapefruit Bulgarian roses, jasmine calming down with oak moss, musk and sandalwood notes. The nice floral and oriental contrast make this perfume awakes a mysterious and sensual world.

Coach perfumes

Coach the Fragrance – both concentrations have the same bottle design, the only differentiation is the color inside (the Eau de toilette is light pink). Also, on the bottle is engraved the Coach logo.

Coach the fragrance is available in 30, 50 and 90ml.

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