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Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Perfume

November 2, 2016


Victoria’s Secret is always delighting its customers with mouthwatering, sexy, and delightful perfumes that simply are irresistible despite the fact that are not as strong as other perfumes. This perfume offers a feminine touch with a delicate and a passionate aura. Victoria’s Secret Scandalous drunks senses through its seductive and sensual notes.

Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Perfume

So so Scandblack peonyalous by Victoria’s Secret features the beautiful ‘angel’ Jasmine Tookes. It is described to be a fruity/flowery perfume that will make you ‘lose yourself in a new sexy world’. This provocative and sexy
perfume is composed of raspberry liqueur, black peonies along with sweet pralines. Victoria’s Secret Scandalous comes is a crystal glass bottle along with a nice black ribbon hanged on the atomizer.

Scandalous by Victoria’s Secret is available in 50ml Eau de Perfume, followed by fragrant mist, scented candles, and body lotion.

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