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Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit New Perfume

February 2, 2011

Christian Dior releases new perfume for men in February 2011. Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit is the successor of the Fahrenheit Men Collection. Christian Dior knows how to impress its perfume lovers with new and lovely perfumes. Aqua Fahrenheit will evoke the same happiness and positive feelings as the previous Fahrenheit for men.

Possessing the same bottle shape and the same colors, Aqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior will feature tantalizing citrusy notes of grapefruit, mandarin, mint, vetiver, violet, woods and leather. Even though I do not like the strong scent of Fahrenheit, I think that the new Aqua Fahrenheit will leave a fresh and clean air behind.

Get positively addictive with the new best-seller Christian Dior Aqua Fahrenheit.

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