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Estee Lauder Wild Elixir New Perfume

February 2, 2011

I am a true fan to all Estee Lauder cosmetics and some Estee Lauder Perfumes. It was some years ago that I faced this wonderful cosmetic and since then I accept nothing but Estee Lauder. However, I will have to admit that not all Estee Lauder fragrances can warm my heart. Pleasures and Beautiful are among my favorite perfumes. Estee Lauder introduced on the market Wild Elixir Perfume – a new limited-edition fragrance for women.

Estee Lauder Wild Elixir Perfume is a sweet indulgence for individual and confident women. This feminine perfume creates a wild mood and happy feelings. Possessing this priceless perfume in your hands is as if possessing the elixir of life.

“The radiant, free spirit of today’s woman with her deep passion for life is captured in a fragrance as expressive, individual and modern as she is. Pure radiance bursts from this vivid creation of Genet flowers contrasted against soft, sophisticated Amberwood.”

Wild Elixir by Estée Lauder is sealed in a fuchsia modern bottle with nice gold inscription on it that adds femininity and a refinement spirit of the fragrance.

Hurry up, Wild Elixir by Estée Lauder is already available on the market.

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