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February 2, 2011

Everyone is concerned about the way they smell. People spend fortunes on perfumes, moistures, creams and on other cosmetics, while companies always release new fragrances and cosmetic products. Why is the demand insatiable?

There is a theory stating that people gather and build relationships according to the way they smell. The smell we evoke is our second invisible skin that characterizes our personality and classifies us into categories: attractive, energetic, romantic, or sensual. You most probably noticed that the smell leaves its mark, the place we live in smells like us, our bed sheets acquire our odor. We always search for ways to keep the aroma around us fresh and cozy. My method of preserving a nice and fresh aroma in my bedroom is decorating it with nice scented candles.

Today there are a lot of finest selections of luxurious scented candles and home fragrances that refresh and brighten up your room. There are endless candle aromas and different flavors that evoke magic atmosphere of most universally loved flowers. Also there are home fragrance oils that if sprayed in the air they would leave a long-lasting alluring smell. Most popular home fragrance aromas are made of roses, apples, vanillas and citrus. I adore the warm and nice scented candles of fresh apples, they as if welcomes a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere. It is especially pleasant when you are stressed or tired to breathe a relaxing and calming scent.

Even though home fragrances and candles have a small meaning and cost cheap, the pleasant mood that it creates is priceless. Every room accessory is a must have for our house, because it is like the flower on our bag that adds sensuality and refinement.

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