The eyeliner
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The Eyeliner

November 3, 2016

For sure the eye makeup is considered to be one of the strongest and seductive weapons of a woman, and when it is applied correctly it guarantees an expressive look that emanates charm. Today, we have a big variety of eyeliners: pencil eyeliner, liquid, the shadow that highlights a woman’s killer cat eyes. Nowadays, anyone can choose from these variety as well as different colors indifferent of the eye shape and eye color. 

eyelinerThe eyeliner is a must-have in a woman’s makeup kit followed by an expressive lipstick. For me, eyeliner became one of my favorite product from my makeup kit. When you do not have enough time to do a flawless makeup – your eyeliner saves your look and time. However, it is not an easy trick to use an eyeliner as you need patience and endurance, offering expressiveness to your eyes.

An eyeliner retouches any imperfection making you look fabulous.

If you want to learn to correctly apply an eyeliner, please access the video below:

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