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Givenchy Blue Label Cologne Review

November 8, 2010

Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label is always the right choice for any men.

My boyfriend says; ‘with Givenchy Blue Label Cologne I have won a lot of hearts, however, yours I won it forever.’

Givenchy Blue Label Cologne was released in 2004 and was created by Alberto Morillas and Ilias Ermenidis. The fragrance package looks refined and stylish, with a bottle made up from clear glass and melted down blue top, designed by famous designer Pablo Reinoso. The atomizer works great and a quick press dispense a large amount of the fragrance.

If you are a modern gentleman with athletic capabilities, then Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label is the perfect match for you. This fragrance represents the style and the energy of today’s man. The fragrance is mixed with spices and woody undertones that give a warm manly scent. Blue Label by Givenchy features top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and pepper, with lower notes of cedar and vetiver that gives the fragrance a high-end status.

This fresh, pure fragrance is designed for the individualists to invoke positive behavior. My boy says, I wake up and spray my favorite perfume, I go to work and I smell my beloved fragrance, I go on a holiday and I am full of compliments thanks to my unique and adorable fragrance.


If you want to conquer a woman’s heart, then hurry up for Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label.

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