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Victoria’s Secret Bombshell New Perfume

November 14, 2010

Ladies do you want a Secret? New Victoria’s Secret Perfume showed up, and as usual seductive, youthful, colorful, and forever glamorous and stylish.

Victoria’s Secret released Bombshell Perfume, a new fragrance for women, in 2010. This fruity, sweet, floral fragrance features top notes of Shangri-la peony, Purple Passionfruit and vanilla orchid. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell fragrance is definitely a ‘bombshell’ for women that suppose to smell like a vamp-diva. It is a perfume that requires attention, an invisible fashion accessory for most fashionable ladies.

Along with the various things a woman wears everyday the one that forms an essential part of her attire is a perfume from the modern brand Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is much alike brand’s previous scents, however, this one preserves its fresh aroma yet not overly sweet nor overly floral. I have to admit that the fragrance lasts for a long time, allures and smells enchanting. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell as if reflects a woman’s lifestyle and attitude.


Looks like Victoria’s Secret has no secrets from us, ladies!

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