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Top 10 Men Perfumes For Christmas

December 16, 2010

Have no idea what perfume best matches your loved one? Follow most best-selling and famous top 10 perfumes for Christmas Holiday.

Over the years, men were very apathetic about their look and their smell. Definitely, most famous and acclaimed perfumes are designed for women, however, men were not left behind and for them popular brands are also crafting unusual and seductive scents. Be it for your boyfriend, brother, father or husband – any men perfume will be a great gift.

1. Dior Homme Sport for Men by Christian Dior.

The name says it all. When it comes to describe Christian Dior Perfumes, the words that quickly come in mind are exquisite, exquisite, and exquisite. Dior Homme Sport by Christian Dior is a casual and easy fragrance, adored by a lot of men. Its sensual ingredients include bergamot, grapefruit, rosemary, sicilian lemon, cedar and lavender.

2. Gucci for Men by Gucci.

Price does not matter when it comes to perfume, it is the scent. Gucci by Gucci is a sensual, modern, and fresh perfume. Gucci by Gucci features sensual ingredients of bergamot, jasmine, patchouli, amber, musk and elemi. Men will not want to put this fragrance down. Gucci by Gucci is ultra modern and luxurious cologne for men.

3. D & G Light Blue fοr Men bу Dolce & Gabbana.

The design house of Dolce & Gabbana has always crafted most priceless and valuable perfumes of our time.  D & G Light Blue is a precious fragrance, with a stylish and modern design. D & G Light Blue bу Dolce & Gabbana features main notes of rosemary, rosewood, oak moss, grapefruit peel, bergamot and juniper. A perfect perfume for daytime and office wear.

4. Infusion d’Homme for Men by Prada.

This is a masculine scent that is at the cutting edge of fragrant fashion, an elegant woody-floral and fruity fragrance for men. All Prada Perfumes make you fall in love with them even at first smell. Other notes that make up the Infusion d’Homme by Prada are mandarin orange, cedar, vetiver, benzoin, and neroli.

5. Eternity for Men bу Calvin Klein.

No matter how old this perfume is, it has still a strong place in the modern perfumery arena. Eternity bу Calvin Klein is a fresh, bright and sexy scent that reflects a man’s personality and mild temper. Even though strong at first smell fragrance, it quickly calms on the skin. Any woman that loves her boy to smell manly-man will adore Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume. Top notes include bergamot, floral notes, lavender, white amber accompanied by musk. Eternity by Calvin Klein is a perfect perfume recommended for daytime wear and casual wear.

6. Emporio Armani fοr Men bу Giorgio Armani.

One of my father’s favorite smells. Simple at first glance, complex upon close inspection, Emporio Armani bу Giorgio Armani is a refined yet masculine fragrance. Even though its bottle looks simple, the smell remains unforgettable for a long time. This masculine fragrance possesses a blend of spices, low undertones of aromatic woods, musk and vetiver. Emporio Armani bу Giorgio Armani is a perfect fragrance for daytime wear.

7. Guerlain Homme for Men by Guerlain.

Guerlain Homme Cologne by Guerlain is a year-round enchanting and irresistible scent full of  joy of new adventures. Its playful bergamot notes with green tea, mint, rhubarb, vetiver, rum, cedar sweetly accentuates its delicious and strong smell. It is a nice perfume for men, who want to seduce with a pleasant smell, without imposing. Want to make a first good impression, then, Guerlain Homme Cologne by Guerlain is the perfect accessory.

8. Kenzo Power for Men by Kenzo.

Simplicity is exquisite when it comes to describe Kenzo Power by Kenzo. Kenzo Power cologne is the invisible aura on any men. This unforgettable perfume features notes of coriander, bergamot, rose, jasmine, freesia, cedar wood, and tolu balsam. Kenzo Power by Kenzo is a perfect gift for men, who are not afraid to wear a sensuous perfume.

9. 1 Million for Men by Paco Rabanne.

Its super stylish design, gold cover and strong smell, makes any men addicted to 1 Million. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne looks pure luxury with an elegant design and exclusive transcription. It is composed of blood orange, spice notes, rose, grapefruit, mint, cinnamon, blond leather, and white woods. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne is a glamorous fragrance for most stylish and fashionable men.

10. Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Emporio Armani.

It’s already time to say that diamonds are also a guy’s best friend! Thanks to its extraordinary and cool elements, Emporio Armani Diamonds by Emporio Armani features notes of bergamot, cedar wood, Szechuan pepper, vetiver and cocoa. Even though it has a simple yet elegant design, the smell quickly allures and seduces. Emporio Armani Diamonds by Emporio Armani is the charming perfume on any men’s skin.

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