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New Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrance – SJP NYC

November 3, 2010

“Fashion in the air!” Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion icon and one of the most stylish celebrities in the world, Sarah Jessica Parker captures the world with her truly charming perfumes. We ladies always follow the fashion, and when we hear new or fashionable fragrances, the rhythm of our hearts goes wild.

SJP NYC Perfume is the latest Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance. The perfume was released in 2010, the same period when  Sex and the City 2 movie aired on.  SJP NYC Perfume reflects the personality of her movie character, Carrie Bradshaw.  Sarah Jessica Parker played a romantic writer, who was a very stylish, glamorous and chic personality. Now, imagine how the perfume smells and wins the irresistible charm. Yummy, yummy already dreaming of it!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s calm and peaceful traits masks her wild and eccentric side, which is obviously discovered in her new fragrance SJP NYC. Anyone who has watched at least one series of Sex and the City could now imagine why the new Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance is simply alluring.

SJP NYC is classified as a fruity fragrance with top notes of strawberry, rose, honeysuckle and other flirty notes.  The same as Rock and Rose by Valentino, Sarah Jessica Parkers SJP NYC fragrance will seem incredibly sweet and too fruity at first smell, however on the skin it soaks in a much softer and gentle scent.

The reason it surprises me is because I have this idea in my head that strawberry is very youthful and juvenile, but this fragrance doesn’t smell candy sweet. It amazes me that this essence of strawberry mixes so beautifully with the more sophisticated floral notes and the musks that I love and will always have as part of my fragrances. In a million years I would never think, Let’s work around strawberry. Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker perfume is a toffee-filled fragrance that melts with caramelized syrupy flowers. I know you will enjoy this scent!

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