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New Kim Kardashian Perfume Released!

November 6, 2010

Yes, the curvy socialite Kim Kardashian has finally released her much- awaited and her eponymous, debut fragrance Kim Kardashian Perfume.

A year ago, Kim Kardashian promised her fans that her first fragrance will show up in 2010. She has never mentioned how it will look like or how exactly it will smell, thus keeping guessing all her fans.  Early fall 2010, Kim Kardashian has finally released her voluptuous first new perfume.

“I also underwent a complete smell test with every perfume I like to make sure mine is nothing like those.”

Kim Kardashian Perfume features top notes of tuberose and gardenia, thus making the fragrance look sexy, luxurious yet youthful.

“I wanted something rich and creamy and sexy, but still youthful.”

However, the fragrance continues with heart notes of jasmine, jacaranda wood, sandalwood, and other charming notes. The bottle is very elegant, stylish with her subtle and feminine inscription on it. The fashionable and glamorous Kim Kardashian is one of my favorite celebrities. I am among those fans who wants to have her sexy perfume.

“It has always been a dream of mine to start my own perfume business, since I love to mix fragrances together and come up with new and different scents! It all started when my mom introduced me to famous perfumer Caroline Sabas from Gras, France. She and I have been working together to create a scent that is uniquely me that I can share with everyone!” Kim Kardashian.


If you like to be in the centre of attention, then Kim Kardashin Fragrance will reflect your aura.

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