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L’Occitane Cherry Princess, New Perfume

January 11, 2012

French body and skin care brand L’Occitane presents its new feminine perfume with a plenty of fresh fruit flavors, Cherry Princess. L’Occitane Cherry Princess got its name after the beautiful French Princess Hortense de Beauharnais – who blushed every time when given a compliment. However, Cherry Princess is described as a woman magnet perfume with lovely ingredients and a pleasant smell.

“When the cherry tree blossoms in Provence, its pure white petals give way to crisp and brightly colored fruits. This new fragrance collection blends the juicy scents of red cherries with a delicate floral softness, reminiscent of the graceful beauty of a princess.”

L’Occitane Cherry Princess will be available in limited edition bottles later this month in 50 ml Eau de Toilette and 10 g Solid Perfume.

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