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Hugo Boss Orange Sunset New Perfume

March 15, 2011

Hugo Boss Orange Sunset is a follower of the old Boss Orange Perfume for Women. The new Hugo Boss Perfume is inspired by beautiful summer sunsets with sensual tropical fruity notes.  Hugo Boss Orange Sunset is classified as a fresh and soft scent sweeter and lighter than the previous one. Even though Hugo Boss Boss Orange was not one of my favorite perfumes, still it has interested me with its outstanding commercial ad fronted by gorgeous actress Sienna Miller. Hugo Boss Orange Sunset is still an unknown scent to me. However, I have heard that it smells better than first Hugo Boss perfume thanks to its captivating notes that take you to a long dreaming journey.

BOSS Orange Sunset features an evocative combination of creamy, sensual notes. A heady bouquet of orange blossom and tuberose in the heart notes is set against a creamy sandalwood and vanilla base, imbuing BOSS Orange Sunset with the same soulful sensuality that characterizes all BOSS Orange Women fragrances. The addition of inviting, tropical granadilla blends with the prominent floral heart notes to give the fragrance a fresh flair.”

Boss Orange Sunset has the same bottle shape and a darker orange flavor. Perfume features a delicious combination of fresh accords of bergamot and mandarin with notes of blooming white flowers of rose, vanilla and sandalwood. The fragrance also possesses notes of grenadilla and tuberose. Orange Sunset by Hugo Boss is a free invitation for flirting and for seducing. Women will adore it thanks to its deliciously fresh notes.

Actress Sienna Miller, who is the face of Hugo Boss Boss Orange, is also fronting the new Hugo Boss Orange Sunset perfume campaign.


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