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Bruno Banani Made for Women New Perfume

March 15, 2011

Bruno Banani has launched one more truly-feminine scent Bruno Banani Made for Women early this year.  Made for Women is described as a secret weapon for women who are self-confident and love to seduce. This unique perfume “is awakening the fighting instinct on in every woman.”  Bruno Banani Made for Women describes the image of a vamp woman who is fierce, vivacious and extremely seductive.

Bruno Banani Made for Women has a floral composition of charming notes of blackberry, green tea, peach, iris, violet accompanied by melting endnotes of red fruit, amber, raspberry and aquatic essences. Made for Women Perfume emphasizes a woman’s charm and attractiveness with its sensual notes. Perfume will allure your man with its true fervor.

Bruno Banani Made for Women has an elegant crystal bottle, leaning to the side with a calm pink flavor. This sex-appealing scent is a must-have for this year. Be trendy, be modern and be a grotesque woman with Bruno Banani Made for Women Perfume.


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