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Perfume for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2019

“If there is no love, there is nothing.” 

Since one of the most romantic days is coming all of us are busy choosing the best gift. Definitely, many people would say that you have to spoil your half-one every day, but on the 14th of February, you have to demonstrate your passion and attention more attentively as it is the meaning of love and to be loved. Love never fails, if it is a constructive love! It is always nice and pleasant when you are gifted and complimented, with appealing perfumes, romantic dinners out, live music, jewelry or something symbolic.  

Because I am a perfume blog, I will talk about the perfect romantic/seductive perfumes that were released in 2018 or maybe some older ones that are still modern enough to be worn. The world of perfumery is so vast nowadays that you can simply get confused with the big selection it offers. 

A perfume infused with roses always makes a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day. Louis Vuitton Rose des Vents is a romantic and nice gift for your loved one. Its classic notes take on a sexier vibe when it is mixed with pepper, cedar, and violet. Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition is another key to success when you want to delight your half/part due to its effectively kicking the sex appeal level up a notch. Tom Ford Private Blend Jasmin Rouge is all about glamour but at the same time romantic aroma very rich and sensuous. Jo Malone London Red Roses Cologne is a nice burst of rosy aroma very romantic and seductive.  

Even though it is a romantic day, still many women do not like floral infused perfumes, too sweet or too romantic. Many women prefer fresh, modern, and glamour perfumes that are irresistible and charming at heart. For example, Chloe Eau-là-là is a romantic but at the same time fresh and sweet perfume. Lanvin Modern Princess embodies a daring, glamour and modern scent. What can be more pleasant than being someone’s Princess? especially for Valentine’s Day. 

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is an ultra-romantic but at the same time modern perfume for women. Dior Miss Dior perfume is an intoxicating, deeply romantic, but at the same time nicely fresh fruity/floral perfume to delight and impress any woman on special occasions. 

Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all of its forms, so make sure you want to show your beloved person what you feel through a nice perfume gift, but mostly through gestures. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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