In 1965 Salvador and Rosa Tous inherited the luxurious Tous Company and since then they have invested a lot of time in making Tous Perfumes one of the most acclaimed and famous in the world.

Almost all Tous Perfumes are fresh with top notes of grapefruit, pepper and white musk. Thanks to its charmingly bright floral notes and a sheer woody accord, all Tous perfumes are lively, joyful and exciting. Famed Tous perfumes for women include Tous Gold Perfume for Women by Tous, Tous Gold Perfume for Women by Tous, Tous in Heaven Perfume by Tous, and latest Tous H2O (2009), Tous Sensual Touch (2012), Tous Kids by Tous (2012).

Most unforgettable Tous colognes are Tous Man Cologne by Tous, Tous in Heaven Cologne by Tous, and the newest Tous Cologne, Tous Man Sport Cologne by Tous.

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