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Prada L`Eau Ambree Perfume for Women

October 3, 2011

In 2009, the fashion house of Prada launched a refined and elegant perfume for most audacious women, L`Eau Ambree. This perfume perfectly describes a graceful woman with a great power to seduce yet never demanding. Prada L`Eau Ambree Perfume balances fresh with strong notes, thus making it slightly sweet and inviting. L`Eau Ambree Perfume is the new flanker to the Prada Classic Collection. Even though it comes in a sleek, black, solid-glass refillable bottle, L`Eau Ambree is easy to wear and truly eye-catching.

Prada L`Eau Ambree opens with intense amber notes along with fresh citron, soft rose and lemon. The base composition that dries-down on the skin making it irresistible sweet and desired, is made of oppoponax, patchouli and vanilla notes. It is known that amber notes turns a perfume into a classical one, that’s why Prada L`Eau Ambree is described as classical yet with a modern interpretation and approach. It is a strong perfume, not one of my favorites, yet my mammy adores its long-lasting and powerful smell. It is a fragrance that leaves behind you a shadow of a cold smell however, not overpowering but okay to breath. Also, I will add that L`Eau Ambree is not an everyday perfume, especially for office wear. It ideally suits a romantic evening or special event.  Prada L`Eau Ambree Perfume comes in a black crystal bottle but with a feminine atomizer pump – that adds sensuality and passion. The nose behind L`Eau Ambree Perfume is famous perfumer Daniela Andrier.

Prada L`Eau Ambree Perfume is available as a deluxe edition of 80 ml Eau de Parfum, as well as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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