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Lanvin Marry Me Perfume Review

April 4, 2011

Launched in 2010 by the design house of LANVIN, Marry Me beats all barriers with its daring temptation and shamelessly notes. Lanvin Marry Me evokes romantic and loving feelings in the lover’s mind. This elixir of happiness and ultra-feminine fragrance is the best accessory for any men who aspire to marry the woman of his dreams. Marry Me is full of dreamy, passionate and lovable emotions meant to evoke moments of ecstasy.

Lanvin Marry Me evokes the indescribable feeling of love that’s essentially romantic. Women who choose this romantic floral fragrance will be outlined by an invisible shadow that would reflect her emotional state. Men lured by this long-lasting perfume would not want to wake from these euphoric and passionate feelings.  Marry Me reflects the everlasting love that will never die. Full of devotion and affection, Lanvin Marry Me has a fruity floral composition of lovable notes of peach, freesia, Tunisian orange, jasmine, magnolia, rose, amber, white cedar and musk. Antoine Maisondieu, the perfumer, successfully succeeded to create a romantic fragrance full of pure and true love. Lanvin Marry Me has a very attractive purple bottle with a nice violet ribbon linked on the top.

Lanvin Marry Me is being advertized by two people that are in love. This gorgeous advertising campaign accentuates that life is beautiful at any moment. Don’t lose the moment to fall in love with the boy of you dream. Lanvin Marry Me will help you to get your dream come true!


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