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Lacoste Joy of Pink, Perfume Review

June 22, 2011

Joy of Pink for women filled up the Lacoste Pink Collection in 2010. The new Pink Perfume preserved the same bottle shape as Touch of Pink, Dream of Pink and Love of Pink. This feminine fragrance makes wearers smile and be happy anytime wearing it. Its tempting and delicious smells beckon a man to follow a woman’s heart.

Joy of Pink is described by the fashion house of Lacoste as: “Inspired by a Curacao cocktail, Joy of Pink is colorful, sparkling and full of energy. Bursting with a lively citrus blend of grapefruit and Blue Curaçao, this is truly an exotic fragrance, providing a vibrant femininity that defines freshness and jumps for joy.”

Lacoste Joy of Pink is a positive and full of life fragrance for extrovert women, who seek happiness and adventures. Perfume blends delicious and luminous citrusy notes of grapefruit along with heart notes of soft peony and the exotic Blue Curacao. The cedar wood makes Joy of Pink be softer with its musky notes that melts on skin. Lacoste Perfumes are sensual, warm and fresh, yet not one of my favorites. The new fragrance seems to impress me, however, I haven’t yet tried it. I had Touch of Pink – the pink bottle, and I didn’t like it, yet I have tried Touch of Spring – the green bottle, and it smells nice. However, these types of perfumes, which are fresh, yet strong, are not among my favorite ones. Lacoste Joy of Pink is a vibrant and sparkling fragrance that inspires feelings of joy shared between friends. Joy of Pink emanates an aura full of youth and optimism awakening feeling of confidence and trust.

The campaign of the vibrant and sensual Lacoste Joy of Pink is fronted by gorgeous TV presenter and model Alexa Chung.

Lacoste Joy of Pink is available in 30, 50 and 90 ml Eau de Toilette, also 50 ml Body Lotion and 50 ml Shower Gel. Joy of Pink will make you joyful and positively charged during the daytime wear.

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