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Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Perfume Review

April 1, 2011

Iconic and legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor – who has recently passed away – left behind timeless and talented movies as well as eponymous perfumes. One of Elizabeth Taylor best-selling perfumes is White Diamonds Perfume for Women. Launched in 1991, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is endless praised and admired. This brilliant fragrance is one of women’s favorite thanks to its diamond look and exotic notes.

“Dreams are made of White Diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is one of the most successful celebrity perfumes in the world. This sensual and rich perfume has motivated other stars to launch their signature perfumes. Many wearers will describe White Diamonds – a fragrance that fully represents Elizabeth Taylor’s luxurious style and sympathy to glamorous and expensive things. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor is a floral perfume – an exquisite accessory for most demanding women. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds opens with flowery notes and aldehydes and together with neroli, Egyptian tuberose, rose and jasmine, perfume earns an elegant vintage look.  Perfume calms with narcissi, orris, amber, patchouli, oak moss and sandalwood notes. All these notes give a brilliance look to legendary White Diamond Perfume.

For me Elizabeth Taylor was a strong personality, a person whose dreams always came true. She knew no boundaries and had always taken the best from her life. Her roles are unforgettable and her perfumes will be famous and popular till years to come. Even thought White Diamonds showed up 20 years ago, it has a modern and stylish design.

Diamonds are girl’s best friends. White Diamonds – one more priceless diamond from late Elizabeth Taylor.

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