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DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Perfume Reviews

April 13, 2011

DKNY is constantly conquering perfume wearer’s hearts with its Delicious fragrance lines. In 2010, when Donna Karan New York launched Delicious Candy Apples in red, violet and green bottles they quickly became one of the best-selling perfumes thanks to their glamorous and yummy-yummy looks. In 2005 I have tried the original DKNY Be Delicious, and since then it is one of my favorites. Even though it is a unisex fragrance, it is as fresh and pure as the morning breeze. Perfume embodies an apple through its shape and taste. I am really fond of this soft and warm scent which makes my mouth-watering.

Candy Apple Perfumes: Ripe Raspberry, Sweet Caramel and Juicy Berry are created as sweet and delicious lollipops that make you always wanting them to try.

DKNY Delicious Ripe Raspberry Candy Apple, which comes in the red bottle, blends a touch of green apple, raspberry and floral accords. Even though I am not familiar with any of these three perfumes, I suppose that Delicious Ripe Raspberry is designed for romantic and passionate lovers.

DKNY Delicious Sweet Caramel Candy Apple, which is sealed in the green bottle, is fresher, lighter and natural. Perfume features apple and flowery notes topped with creamy caramel and vanilla accords along with jasmine, marshmallow, lily of the valley and violet leaves. Delicious Sweet Caramel is a delectable choice for younger women. Perfume has really a candy sweet scent and will be suitable for those lovers who adore caramel and sugar.

DKNY Delicious Juicy Berry Candy Apple is the last perfume out of three and comes in a purple bottle. This juicy fragrance combines blackberries and fresh apples along with rose, pear, lychee and sandalwood notes and leaves a long-lasting impression of a flirty perfume. It is neither fresh nor sweet.  Delicious Juicy Berry is a delicious indulgence with an inaccessible aura.

Those who are already familiar with any of DKNY Delicious Perfumes will definitely want to try these versions. Make your shadow smell delicious with any of DKNY Delicious Candy Apple Perfumes.


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