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Burberry Sport, Perfume for Women

August 9, 2011

Burberry Sport was unveiled in 2010 as a floral/woody/musky perfume for women. It is described as a lively, dynamic and energetic fragrance for sporty women. Unlike its name, Burberry Sport will suit any wearer during any special occasion, special event or even date out. When you spray it on, your feelings as if revitalize thanks to its vibrant, exuberant and youthful notes.

Burberry Sport is a delicious feminine perfume with a stylish, sporty aesthetic.  Any extrovert and exuberant woman with a love for the simple sense of style will fell in love with this arousing fragrance.  Burberry Sport is not heavy yet it lasts long. It is a scent that can be worn anytime of the day at different events. Though it is a floral-woody perfume, it’s not complex at all. With Burberry Sport you will not need a gym to look stunning because attention will always capture you.

Burberry Sport for Women sparkles with mandarin and refreshing marine notes along with magnolia and honeysuckle. The warm cedar and rich white musk at the base add sensuality and admiration. Perfume wearers that love fruity perfume will not find this perfume fruity, even though it blends mandarin in the top notes. It is woodier and irresistible.

Sport by Burberry comes in a modern white and red bottle accentuating the femininity and divinity. Burberry Sport is available in 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.


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  1. I’m so excited abou this perfume, and so anxious to wear it on me!!! Thank you so much for this description, it made me even eager to OWN it!

  2. I forgot to mention…the perfume wears the name “Sport”…thing that i would have to argue with, it is not sporty, it is rather romantic, calm and seductive, don’t you think so?

    1. Hi Tania,
      Yeap, I would have to agree with you that it is rather romantic, sweet than sporty.
      It is a thrilling everyday wear perfume. I do like it also 🙂

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