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Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy Perfume Review

February 24, 2011

When Anna Sui launched Flight of Fancy Perfume in 2007, women went crazy and wild after this dreamland perfume. Any woman described Flight Of Fancy as the ticket to a fantasy world from where you didn’t want to wake up. Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy delighted perfume lovers with its sensual notes that took them to a glorious journey of exploring possibilities. This incredible and remarkable perfume makes you spread your wings and reach for the stars. I adore all Anna Sui Perfumes. All her designs are unique, special, very colorful and bright – just perfect for my wants. Any time I see any of Anna Sui perfume I become like a dog that sees a piece of bacon.

For me, Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy is the epitome of femininity and sensuality. This perfume as if gives me the courage to do things I have never done before. It opens the door to all possibilities.

“You long to break free of your gilded cage. Escape your bonds for just a spell and do things you never thought you could do. All the things you were afraid of, or too nervous to try. Now is the time to take the risk and dare to venture out into a world that waits for you just outside your cage. Unleash your imagination and soar!”

Flight Of Fancy by Anna Sui explores mysterious places, fantasy journeys, where all of us could be free and independent. Flight of Fancy mixes luminous Java lemon, litchi, with yuzu notes to make perfume’s first smell unusual and long-lasting. Perfume continues with invigorating and refreshing notes of rose blossom, Star Magnolia, Purple Rain Freesia, amber crystals, light wood, and skin musk.

Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy has a very wonderful design. The crystal bottle with straight square lines and the top in a form of a peacock is differentiating among other perfumes.  The sparkling colors of the bottle are genially changing from purple to soft peach color. Flight Of Fancy seduces and melts a woman’s heart with its chic and luxurious style and long-lasting sensual notes.

Experience a moment of inspiration that changes you forever with one of the most eye-catching and awe-inspiring perfume Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy.

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