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Victoria’s Secret Love Is Heavenly Perfume for Women

April 13, 2012

American fashion house Victoria’s Secret is again and again impressing women in love with colors and fresh aromas, presents a new fragrance for women Love Is Heavenly. Victoria’s Secret Love Is Heavenly, a name that says it all. What can be more lovely and delightful than to be in love, to feel exhilarating emotions and deep passionate feelings about a man or a fragrance.

Love Is Heavenly is described as “love is fresh. Love is pure. Love is Heavenly. Water lily, mandarin flower, luminous musk.”

It is described as a pure and tempting fragrance with a beautiful pink design that lures one’s heart and delights the eyes.  

Victoria’s Secret Love Is Heavenly is available in 30 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum, and also featuring 250 ml Body Mist.

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  1. Beautiful scent that is very light and smells better after about an hour of wear. It really stays on you all day and is a a very great scent for spring/summer.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I adore almost all Victoria’s Secret fragrances. They smell fresh, modern and glamor, especially Love Is Heavenly for Women. It is really a nice, summer fragrance 🙂

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