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Thierry Mugler Taste of Fragrance, New Perfumes

September 21, 2011

Thierry Mugler introduces new limited-edition perfumes of food-inspired flankers. Taste of Fragrance/ Le Goût du Parfum Collection will contain the following perfumes Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men. Each of these perfumes is inspired by a food flavor.  

 “With the ‘Taste of Fragrance’, the precursor of Haute Gourmand Perfumery is guilty of twisting fragrances, offering the rediscovery of Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men through their fantasized flavors. Thierry Mugler allowed the perfumers full freedom, challenging them to broaden their palettes of ingredients and introducing into each composition a “taste enhancer”. An explosive collection of four gourmand fragrances, with superbly concocted notes that will nearly make your mouth water…”

Angel Taste of Fragrance has a mild smell and a sweet concentration of cocoa powder. This juicy fragrance blends jam, red berries and caramelized almonds. Its sourness melts into a sweetness base, which makes the Angel Perfume exhilarate femininity.  Angel Taste of Fragrance will be available in 30 ml for $90.

Alien Taste of Fragrance is a delicious caramel fragrance with a lasting power. “To embellish the wealth of the amber tones, the perfumer imagined a salted butter caramel, like the juice that forms when a dish is caramelized with sugar or honey at the end of the cooking process.” Alien Taste of Fragrance will be available in 30 ml for $90.

Womanity Taste of Fragrance is a more elegant and more concentrated fragrance. Its fragile and sensible aroma makes any woman look unhurt and innocent. Womanity features sweet savory notes, fig chutney that are a little bit spiced and vinegar. Womanity Taste of Fragrance will be a must have perfume for any occasions or holidays. It will be available in 50 ml for $90.

 A*Men Taste of Fragrance is the most spiced and peppery fragrance with an alluring aroma. “Intense and vibrant, the fragrance oscillates between two contrasting dimensions: the “Oriental – Woody” notes, with the patchouli and vanilla exuding strength and charisma, and the “Vigorous” facet, with pure coffee for all the originality and character. For the ‘Taste of Fragrance’ version, these masculinely warm scents are brought out in a concentrate of red pepper for amazing power.” A*Men Taste of Fragrance will be available in 100 ml for $90.

Thierry Mugler Taste of Fragrance will be available in stores later this fall.


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