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Shakira Elixir Perfume for Women

June 18, 2012

Gorgeous singer Shakira launches a new perfume for women, Elixir. As the name of the perfume suggests, Shakira Elixir represents the elixir of life and a potion for immortality. This perfume is radiant and truly unique in its soft, sensual and warm composition. “Elixir, the new fragrance by Shakira, inspired by her most sensual and exotic moves. A powerful blend of all her dreams that will take you on a journey into a hypnotic world wrapped in desire and Shakira’s most powerful femininity,” Shakira.

Shakira Elixir is described as an oriental perfume with lovely and long-lasting notes that seduce and provoke. This radiant fragrance opens with orange blossom, white pepper, freesia, peony, apricot, styrax, brown sugar, cedar, amber and musky accords.

“The radiance of the orange blossom and the exotic freshness of spices like white
pepper form the top note of this flavorsome oriental fragrance, giving way to a very feminine floral heart.”

Shakira Elixir is sealed in a crystal bottle ideally portraying the classic elixir flasks of the past. Shakira Elixir is available in 50 and 80 ml Eau de Toilette and 150 ml Deodorant.

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