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Novae Plus C’est Soiree Light Orange and Orchid, New Perfumes

November 10, 2011

Novae Plus launches C’est Soiree Light Orange and Orchid – two dreamy perfumes for women who hide their years and dream for a fantasy world. C’est Soiree Light Orange and Orchid awake summer feelings thanks to their bright colors and summery elements decorated on the bottles.

The concept of C’est Soirée is perfectly seen in these fragrances created of irresistible yummy notes and dressed in sunshine dresses. Novae Plus C’est Soiree Light Orange and Orchid will make any lady radiate and feel the spotlight.

Light Orange is a warm and sensual perfume that comes in an orange color bottle just like sunshine. It blends citrusy notes of lemon, red berries, jasmine along with flowery notes of lily of the valley, rose, sandalwood, amber and musk. Light Orange describes a gentle flower that is eye-catching. It perfectly associates with a sweet princess.

Orchid is more intense however, sweetie and dreamy as the precious one. Perfume’s design represents a heaven mood colored in a pale purple color with a singing bird and a pink deer. Orchid blends grapefruit, orange, jasmine, cyclamen, rose, cedar, sandalwood and musky notes.   

Novae Plus C’est Soiree Light Orange and Orchid are dressed in beautiful party dresses that accentuates femininity yet gorgeous memories of a child. They create moments of romanticism and the desire for hot, sunny summer days.

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