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Michael Kors Gold, New Perfume

July 18, 2011

Famous American designer Michael Kors presents his new perfume for women Gold. Michael Kors Gold comes in a classic sparkling bottle with a shining aura as if from within. Gold is the new version of the original Michael by Michael Kors Perfume for Women launched in 2000.

Michael Kors designs all his collections with small attention to details to create comfort and modern styles. The same way, Michael Kors creates his perfume lines. All Michael Kors Perfumes embody sensuality, richness and luxuriousness.

“Gold. A woman’s most fabulously chic accessory. Always luxurious. Always glamorous. Gold commands attention as it takes you through any moment with timeless polish and ease. “I love indulgence, luxury, and glamour,”- Michael Kors

Michael Kors Gold blends exquisite sensual notes of freesia, magnolia along with alluring violet flowers that create an irresistible smell that will constantly draw attention. The heart of the perfume is of peppery peony and tuberose notes. Ambergris and musk make the sexy base of this glimmering gold fragrance long-lasting and gorgeous.

Michael Kors Gold is available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

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  1. I had a sample of Michael Kors Gold and loved it. I tried to find some to buy but have not been able to yet. I will order some online from here but first would like to try a sample of the other fragrances in this line. I bought Very Hollywood but do not care for it so want to order the Gold.

    Gracie Davis

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