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Marc Jacobs Lola Velvet New Perfume

May 19, 2011

Marc Jacobs launched Lola Velvet – a limited edition perfume for stylish and elegant women in 2010 –the twin sister of Marc Jacobs Lola. Lola Velvet has the same gorgeous and feminine bottle shape, color and smell however, this time the lavish velvet color is more intense.

Marc Jacobs Lola Velvet is colorful, vibrant with an endless source of inspiration. Perfume opens with soft and sensual notes of pink peppercorn, red grapefruit, pear D’Anjou and calms on the skin with base notes of fuchsia peony, rose, Tonka bean, vanilla and creamy musk. The original Mark Jacobs Lola Perfume has a stunning and fabulous design. It was and still is one of women’s favorite fragrances. It is neither too elegant and classy nor too girlish and modern.  Perfume, which resembles a blossom beautiful flower, is eye-catching and sparkling.

The new Marc Jacobs Lola Velvet Perfume is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Lola Velvet comes in a limited edition bottle along with the new limited edition Daisy fragrance for Women and Daisy Pop Art Edition for Women.

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