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November 14, 2011

Malie Organics presents a new line of organic roll-on perfume oils sealed in six wonderful fragrances. These perfumes symbolize the natural bounty of Hawaii and will awake feelings of unbelievable happiness and freedom.

Coconut vanilla “this blend of coconut and vanilla is a heavenly, full-bodied scent that fills the atmosphere with a relaxing aroma.”

Koke’e “This scent was named in honor of Hawaii’s oldest rainforest and captures the crisp, green, refreshing scent of the native maile vine (pronounded my-lee).”

Mango nectar “Experience the sweet scent of summer year round. Known for being high in antioxidants, mangos give this perfume a sweet, tropical scent.”

Orchid “A tribute to Orchid lovers around the world who covet the delicate, feminine aroma of these rare and exotic flowers. Leaves behind a warm, subtle scent that drifts you away to paradise.”

Pikake “Contains the sophisticated scent of the Pikake flower, a Hawaiian jasmine that Princess Kau’iulani called “the flower of love”. Pikake’s aroma of paradise is soft and sensual with a sophisticated blend of tropical florals and a hint of spice.”

Plumeria “Contains the scent of beautiful, sweetly fragrant plumeria, the traditional flower of the Hawaiian lei, treasured for its exotic, uplifting aroma. Let the soft scent of plumeria transform your mind and body with all its complexities and hints of jasmine, citrus, gardenia and spices.”

Malie Organics perfume oils are already available in 10 ml roll-on for $29 each.

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