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Lorenzo Villoresi Theseus, New Perfume

December 6, 2011

Florentine perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi presents a new perfume Theseus as part of his Fantasy Fragrances Collection. Lorenzo Villoresi Theseus mixes natural ingredients and smells charming. It comes in a crystal bottle with a pale yellow color and a gold cap. This perfume will be ideal for everyday wear. Theseus promises to evoke travels through unknown places awakening feelings of mister, fascination and interest.   

“A fresh, radiant, sunny fragrance, evocative of ancient adventures over strange countries and seas, in the search for mythological lands. An elegant fragrance, noble and timeless, deep and velvety, full of rare, intense and precious scents. Citrus fruit, herbs, spices and mysterious resins. The seductive aroma of ancient wood and flowers, overflowing with delicate fragrances.”

Lorenzo Villoresi Theseus opens with fresh and luminous citrusy notes of bergamot, black pepper, green notes along with heart notes of clary sage, nutmeg, flowers, iris and jasmine. The base calms down with strong and long-lasting notes of precious woods, patchouli, vetiver, cistus, leather, agar wood, amber, musk and Tonka bean.

Lorenzo Villoresi Theseus is already available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

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