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L’Occitane Eaux de Provence, New Fragrances

May 5, 2012

L’Occitane, which was inspired by the lovely French fountains in the Provence, presents their first line of eau de cologne, L’Occitane Eaux de Provence. Three fresh and revitalizing fragrances: Eau Ravissante for women, Eau Universelle unisex and Eau Captivante for men. These fragrances are described to be melancholic yet romantic and timeless.

Eau Captivante is a fresh eau de cologne for men composed of green citrus, lime, mint, basil, bergamot and woody accords. It comes in a greenish color bottle.

Eau Universelle will please both men and women with its citrusy pleasant aroma. It is described as a mixture of freshness made of citrus, bergamot, grapefruit, geranium and woody notes. It comes in a yellow color bottle.

Eau Ravissante is indisputable an elegant and enchanting fresh women’s cologne. This floral fragrance blends floral petals, citrus, rose, amber and musky notes. It comes in a pink color bottle.

L’Occitane Eaux de Provence will be available in June 2012 in 300 and 500 ml Eau de Cologne.

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