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L`Eau de Kenzo Amour Kenzo New Perfume

April 12, 2011

Kenzo launches a romantic and truly feminine limited edition fragrance for women named L`Eau de Kenzo Amour. This perfume has rich and pleasing fruity notes, which give way to lovely and lovable emotions always to rise. L`Eau de Kenzo Amour Kenzo, which will show up later 2011, is the extension of love and life in harmony. L`Eau de Kenzo Amour expresses a colorful life full of joy and happiness when we are next to your lover. It is also a curious fragrance for most inpatient women.

L`Eau de Kenzo Amour Kenzo is a cheerfully delightful fragrance that evokes femininity.

This musky floral perfume blends bitter orange, bergamot, ylang-ylang, peony, frangipani, vanilla and musky notes. L`Eau de Kenzo Amour speaks for itself, as this perfume will always warm women’ heart and will melt men’s.

L`Eau de Kenzo Amour Kenzo preserves the same bottle shape as the previous editions of Amour. It has two color flavors – going form light to dark purple.

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