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L’Occitane Delice des Fleurs, New Perfume

October 24, 2011

L’Occitane launches a new feminine perfume Delice des Fleurs later this week. As the name of the perfume suggests, Delice des Fleurs is a gourmand of lovely flowers.

L’Occitane Delice des Fleurs is a powdery perfume full of rose-violet notes along with caramel and vanilla accords. Truly delicious and sweet, Delice des Fleurs will be a charming indulgence in the cold fall days of autumn.

L’Occitane Delice des Fleurs will be available in 75 ml Eau de Toilette from later this month.


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  1. Why has this been discontinued ? Where can I buy it ? I found a scent I love and apparently lots of others do, and they stop making it after such a short time ! Seriously, does any one know where I can get a bottle of Delices Des Fleurs ? Please !

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