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Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Summer New Perfume

March 18, 2011

Kenzo launches a new summer fragrance Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Summer, a new flanker to 2000’s Flower by Kenzo Perfume. This new fresh perfume will bring an air of summer breeze with a cooling effect.

“Refreshingly light and just in time for summer, Flower By Kenzo marries the spicy sparkle of ginger with the ice-cold softness of litchi sorbet and the suave zest of mandarin. Then comes the floral, musky notes of Parma violet and freesia, exuding caressing undertones. White musk and incense fix the fragrance on the skin.”

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Summer is classified as a floral oriental scent with main note of bergamot and with end notes of vanilla and musk. Even though the bottle shape resembles much with the original, the only update is the poppy flower with the turquoise and deep pink letters. So many new perfumes show on the market that it gets a little hard to choose the right one. Even though I strongly dislike Flower by Kenzo perfume, the new scent seems to be more promising. Enter in summer season with the flowery fragrance Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Summer.

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