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Jennifer Aniston Launches First Perfume!

November 16, 2010

A very popular and talented actress, Jennifer Aniston tried her hand at launching her first eponymous perfume. Despite all rumors about her odd personality and private life, Jennifer Aniston Perfume proves to have a high-end fame. I would have to admit that the fragrance was warmly and successfully welcomed on the market.

Jennifer Aniston fragrance features blends of rose water, night blooming jasmine, wild violets, sandalwood and a drop of freshness. I would describe Aniston perfume as a feminine, pure, clean and elegant fragrance that manages to conquer women’s hearts of different ages.

Jennifer Aniston perfume ad shows the actress in a sexy wrapped blanket, with topless black and white shots, that attracts as women as well as men’s attention. It evokes modern femininity touched by pure elegance and stylishness.

Also, I would have to remark that Jennifer Aniston fragrance is especially designed for those women who adore jasmine and purity. The fragrance is a little bit sweet yet soft and subtle. It is recommended for day wear, however, if worn at night the perfume preserves and spreads the day cleanliness and freshness.


If you like to smell natural and unique, awaken your senses with Jennifer Aniston Perfume that powerful charms.

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