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Gucci Guilty New Fragrance

November 27, 2010

If you are fashionable, modern and stylish and always in search for new perfumes, then new Gucci Guilty Perfume for Women, is what you are looking for.

The House of Gucci is yearly filling their perfume range with one more extraordinary, elegant and sophisticated fragrance. The year 2010 is not an exception and the Gucci Guilty Perfume is released.

The stylish and modern bottle of the Gucci Guilty fragrance is eye-catching. The bottle has an interlocking ‘G’, as if a window of the perfume that shows the sweet and alluring scent.

When you spray the Gucci Guilty Perfume you will feel guilty for the extremely sexiness and sensuality it confers, guilty for being irresistible.  Guilty Perfume for Women by Gucci is described as a sweet and floral perfume. A scent that seduces men’s hearts with its feminine charms. Gucci Guilty fragrance possesses top notes of a very soft hint of lilac, layered under fruity notes of mandarin, peach and pink pepper effect.  Even though it seems heady, it melts on the skin, becoming a thrilling and extremely sexy fragrance.

For some years I was addicted to Gucci Envy Me Perfume, a strong yet fresh fragrance that warmed my feelings and radiated my days. I smelt  the new fragrance from Gucci in a shop and can describe it as a perfume with a staying power. Gucci Guilty fragrance is a long lasting sexy fragrance with a modern design and sensual ingredients.


Experience a moment of inspiration that changes you forever with Gucci Guilty Perfume for her!

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