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Givenchy Organza Eau de Toilette, New Perfume

October 25, 2011

The fashion house of Givenchy presents their new feminine perfume Organza Eau de Toilette. This floral/oriental, modern and elegant perfume right for the younger audience exemplifies pureness and femininity. Givenchy Organza Eau de Toilette is a floral/woody gourmand of gardenia, honeysuckle, nutmeg nuts, amber and vanilla notes.

Organza is the goddess that lies hidden in every woman. This Floral Spicy Woody fragrance brings a dash of purity and vivaciousness with the freshness of sap and the extreme femininity of the perfume is exalted by the sweetness of the flowers. The blend of spices and precious woods give it the carnal sensuality, intensity and timelessness.”

Givenchy Organza Eau de Toilette perfume comes in a crystal bottle of gold that resembles a curvy woman with a gold stopper as if a nice and modern hat.

Givenchy Organza Eau de Toilette is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette, as well as 30 ml Eau de Parfum.


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