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Escada Taj Sunset New Perfume

February 7, 2011

ESCADA Taj Sunset is the new limited-edition perfume for 2011 from the fashion house of Escada. Taj Sunset by Escada will have an energetic temper and will evoke feelings about hot summer days. This enchanting and fresh perfume will make any woman radiate of happiness. Escada is the brand that crafts most vibrating and tantalizing perfumes with sweet and juicy notes of fruits.

Taj Sunset is the vibrant new summer limited edition fragrance from ESCADA. A sweet and smooth scent with a tropical mango fruit note and velvety coconut cream twist, a contrast that perfectly embodies the adventure and exoticism of summer in Goa.”

Escada Taj Sunset

Escada Taj Sunset will awaken euphoric senses and feelings. It will revitalize, refresh and energize any woman on a beautiful sand beach in an exotic summer night.

Hurry up and be the first to savor this heavenly charming Escada Taj Sunset Perfume.

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