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Demeter Sugar Plum, New Fragrance

November 13, 2012

Sugar Plum is the new sweet yet calm and pure fragrance launched by Demeter. Demeter Sugar Plum is one more amazing and nice scent part of the Fragrance Library. It has the same bottle shape as the previous editions, yet this time sweet plums decorate the label.

“A perfect Holiday fragrance. Sugar plums can be made from any kind or combination of dried fruits, not just plums, together with finely chopped nuts, honey and aromatic spices. Demeter’s Sugar Plum is, not surprisingly, on the simple side, just plum, honey, powdered sugar and a secret combination of spices,” Demeter.

Demeter Sugar Plum is already available in 15, 30 or 120ml Cologne, at the official site.

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