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Cacharel Le Jardin New Perfumes

February 22, 2011

Cacharel will launch Le Jardin (The Garden of Cacharel) limited-edition new perfumes this spring.  Le Jardin by Cacharel includes a collection of six perfumes, each bottle sized 25 ml and dresses in floral warm colors. Cacharel is one of the brands that ideally define a woman’s need with its eye-catching and alluring scents. This seasonal collection will be able to satisfy as the young audience as the younger one.

Anais Anais is a combination of alluring notes of jasmine, carnation, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, roses and lilies. The pink bottle will make any woman feel the constant attention.

Noa is a floral woody musk blend with luxurious notes of coriander, coffee, vanilla and sandalwood. The blue bottle will brighten every each day.

Eden is a citrusy splash with sensual floral accords. The sparkling, sensual green bottle will always thrill women.

LouLou is a flowery perfume with oriental notes of cinnamon and anise. The blue with red dots bottle will glow glamour and will radiate with desire.

Amor Amor is a fruity fresh perfume with passionate and seductive notes. The red bottle is hailed to be the scent with the most pulling power.

Scarlett is a woody musky perfume that evokes happy feelings and emotions. Scarlet has the most feminine and gorgeous bottle with very beautiful flowers ornamented on the bottle.

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