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Azzaro Duo New Perfumes

April 5, 2011

This year Azzaro launched two lovable new set of matched fragrances for men and women. Azzaro Duo for Men and Azzaro Duo for Women symbolize the harmony and the union between two loving people, attached with the “Love is precious” motto. Azzaro Duo Perfumes represent a love story about an intense passion, precious moments and an endless love.

Azzaro Duo for Women awake sparkling feelings in any woman’s eyes. Perfume is sealed in a yellow gold bottle, which represents the reunion of a pure soul with a long lasting love. Duo for Women is a fruity oriental fragrance with sensual notes of grapefruit, delicious apples, passion flower, patchouli, apple, vanilla orchid and musk.

Azzaro Duo for Men is a woody green oriental scent that calms the euphoric feelings to keep them for a long period. Perfume is sealed in a white gold bottle and features notes of grapefruit, galbanum, juniper berries, Tonka bean, vetiver and musk.

Azzaro Duo Perfume bottles are elongated and curved, and when putting them together they intertwine in a passionate kiss. Make your passionate kiss longer and sweeter with either Azzaro Duo for Men or Azzaro Duo for Women.

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