Marc Jacobs

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs has quickly became an acclaimed and praised creator of one of the most in vogue and stylish clothes of our time. Marc Jacobs is also the Creative Director of the eponymous French design house Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs is also a successful perfume designer who has already dominated the world of perfumery. Every of his perfume is sealed in a memorable, colorful bottle with a stylish and unique design.

Most breathtaking Marc Jacobs Perfumes emanate a distinct sweetness with top notes that always allure and seduce. Lovely and gorgeous Marc Jacobs perfumes for women include Marc Jacobs for Women, Daisy Perfume, LOLA perfume by Marc Jacobs, Lola Velvet Perfume (limited edition), Marc Jacobs Amber perfume by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Ivy perfume by Marc Jacobs and latest floral Marc Jacobs Daisy Hot Pink (2011) and Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh (2011), Marc Jacobs Splash Tropical Collection 2012, Marc Jacobs Daisy Petite Flowers On The Go!(2012), Marc Jacobs Lola Purse Spray (2012), Marc Jacobs Dot (2012).

Calm and aromatic with a completely innovative style, Marc Jacobs for Men is a charming cologne.

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