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Types of Romantic Perfumes

June 29, 2011

It is never too much when it comes to your favorite perfumes. Be it either a man or a women, perfume is always the right and the ideal accessory. However, many perfume wearers mistakenly wear their desired fragrances for special occasions. If you go out with friends or if you have a date with a girl/boy the perfect fragrance smell should be romantic. Nonetheless, there are different types of romantic perfumes. Most adored and favorite by women perfumes are fruity/floral ones. Other romantic perfumes are oriental, chypre and sweet ones.

Romantic perfumes:

Marc Jacobs Daisy is one of those romantic and gorgeous perfumes that will awake feelings of love and affection. It will raise your mood for the first kiss thanks to its floral notes. This dreamy perfume blends peppery violet leaves, strawberries, perky grapefruit and sweet vanilla. Marc Jacobs Daisy is also a worthy sweet fragrance for summer nights out with your lover.

Yves Saint Lauren Elle is a unique fragrance with most charming notes. This romantic fragrance will create a dreamy world for two lovers. Full of happiness and fairy imaginations, Elle will enchant the most demanding connoisseurs. Yves Saint Lauren Elle blends fruity/floral notes of pink peppercorn, jasmine sambac, pink berries, patchouli and vetiver.  Elle perfume will offer endless excitement feelings.

Hugo Boss Femme is full of live and passion. This fruity/floral fragrance opens with tangerine, black current and freesia along with heart notes of rose and jasmine. Base notes include apricot and lemon wood. Hugo Boss Femme is an ideal fragrance for women whose love always shines even in the dark of the night.

Jean Patau Joy is a captivating, romantic and lovely fragrance for most passionate women. It is an intense and juicy perfume of floral composition. Totally irresistible and delightful, Joy makes you laugh and be happy anytime wearing it. It starts with tuberose, luscious rose, ylang-ylang blossom, aldehydes, sweet and delicious pear, and green notes. Thanks to its sensual notes, this perfume will constantly charm and seduce.

Thierry Mugler Angel is known as one of the most romantic perfumes ever released on the industry market. Angel is the best accessory and the magic stick in the hands of any woman for a truly romantic date. The composition of this romantic perfume opens with chocolate аnd honey blend along with vanilla, bergamot, lavender, caramel, chocolate, musk and Tonka bean.

Nowadays we have a big variety of romantic perfumes. Staring from the most sweet and strong fragrance to most subtle and fine ones. Every perfume will shadow your personality, so be careful and attentive to what you choose and wear!



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