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February 9, 2011

One of the most romantic holidays is coming and we, women, have to smell an appropriate scent to make that day and night ideal. When it comes to celebrate Valentine’s Day people are busy trying to guess the perfect gift and the perfect environment for a romantic atmosphere. There so many nice and expensive gifts to offer today, that we go crazy about what to choose. However on this day it will be nice to give a romantic perfume gift. This small and inexpensive accessory will make your lover feel important and special.

For example I told my fiancé that for Valentine’s Day I would be happily surprised with Bvlgari Omni Amethyste Perfume. This fresh citrusy perfume – which I adore very much – is one of my favorite romantic yet casual perfumes. Continuing with the list, let’s see what other romantic perfumes will make an ideal gift for a romantic holiday.

L`air du Temps by Nina Ricci is a romantic floral women perfume. Featured with notes of ylang-ylang, vetiver, peach, rosewood and cedar L`air du Temps is a timeless and feminine perfume.

Cristalle by Chanel is a fruity fragrance with feminine charms and with a versatile look. Blended with notes of lemon, pure citrus and mandarin, Cristalle is a perfect romantic perfume gift for Valentine’s Day.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs will make any woman emotionally excited and passionate. Daisy possesses floral notes of peppery violet leaves, sweet strawberries, vanilla and grapefruit.

Flower Princess by Vera Wang is a fresh perfume designed for subtle and innocent women. It is a warm and delicious essence of flowers that easily captures and allures a woman’s heart. Flower Princess has a bouquet of delightful flowery notes of green ivy, orange flower petals, tangerine, water lily, rose and amber.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is the best accessory for any woman on Valentine’s Day. This Lovely perfume is the excellent choice any time you want to please your lover with a gift. Lovely possesses notes of bergamot, mandarin, rosewood, lavender, and apple martini.

Romance by Ralph Lauren is a perfect accessory and version of how to show your love. Romance is a romantic women perfume and one of the most classic gifts of all time. Ralph Lauren Romance features insatiable notes of rose, freesia, oakmoss, white violet, lotus flower, patchouli, and musk. This perfume is the perfect way to say your lover “I love you” on a special day.

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