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February 18, 2011

It was impossible to wake up today because I feel bad. My head is aching, my throat is red and I lay in my bed trying to put down some ideas. When such bad days come to me I know that I cannot breathe anything except my yummy sweet pink candle. Thanks to its strong scent I as if recover my smell. It alive my senses and for some minutes I feel myself perfect. In such cold days the only thing that delights me to do is to drink a cup of coffee in my bed and to write an article.

When I was younger I disliked writing. It was really the most annoying part while I studied. I was always convinced that writing is not for me, because I am not that kind of romantic person. Nevertheless it proved to be on contrary, but I would have to say that writing a lovely article is not so bad.

Perfumes have always interested me. They are all different, with different beautiful designs, nice prints, alluring and incandescent scents. Perfumes create a nice illusion – a world of fantasy where we like to sink everyday. Every perfume has its alluring aura, which make any person twice appealing and charismatic. Perfume is a needed accessory for everyday life. Every kind of person has its own perfume style. For example I am an extrovert, and the most perfect perfumes for me are those lively, flirty and fresh fragrances like Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, Chanel Eau Tendre by Chanel or Emerald Dream by Estee Lauder.

Morning is one of the busiest parts of the day, and we sometimes forget to spray our favorite perfume. Therefore it is comfortable to keep small quantity perfumes in our bags. Let’s not forget about this small necessity like smelling nice and fresh. A sensual scent leaves behind a nice invisible shadow of your perfume, that’s why you should always look nice and smell amazing. For today I could recommend the new Bond no. 9 New York Oud Perfume perfect for both men and women.

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