Charlize Theron in a new spot for Dior's J'adore Absolu
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Charlize Theron in a new spot for Dior’s J’adore Absolu

November 1, 2018

Nothing talks about Charlize Theron’s beauty, is or not She one of the most feminine, sweet, sensual, and seductive women of the world. Even though she obtained her Oscar as a monster – woman role, she still maintained her indisputable charm. Famous American Actress Charlize Theron became the face of one of the eponymous and elegant perfumes, Dior J’Adore in 1999 and since then she is a devotee. This year, the house of Christian Dior filmed a new tv spot for their timeless class and elegant J’Adore perfume, again starring Charlize Theron with a more seductive sensuality, fiercely, and more glamorous. 

Charlize Theron in a new spot for Dior's J'adore Absolu new

Charlize Theron appears in a pool of gold next to the famous supermodel Carmen Kass surrounded by a diverse array of women who also possess an ethereal quality,  under the popular ‘Flashing Light’ music song by Kanye West. Dior J’Adore Absolu is a nicely elegant perfume for women that always invites you to try it, especially when you watch such an amazing and seductress video spot. What is classic, will always remain in vogue.  

“The climate right now is one where it’s pretty impossible to do anything in the creative world and not acknowledge that diversity is important,” Theron tells Bazaar. “Women from all different cultures, backgrounds, and countries are coming together in solidarity to say, ‘we are done’ and are acknowledging that we have to work together to stop this lack of representation. Any time I work with Dior, there is always a conversation happening about diversity and the perception of women and I’m lucky to get to work with a brand that is as interested in those questions as I am.” via

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