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Trussardi is a fashionable and stylish brand which stands for tradition and diplomacy. Its name is known worldwide, and its collections know no boundaries of praise. Trussardi was founded by the Italian fashion designer Dante Trussardi in 1910.


All Trussardi perfumes are said to be fresh, modern and elegant. Vibrant and warm are all Trussardi perfumes for women like Trussardi Inside, Trussardi Jeans and latest DonnaTrussardi – a lovely summer and fresh perfume. This fall, Trussardi Delicate Rose will show up as a delicate flowery perfume for women.


Trussardi Inside and Trussardi Cologne by Trussardi are soaked with notes of flowers for everyday wear and are one of the most famous Trussardi fragrances. UomoTrussardi is the latest Trussardi fragrance for men that inspires and lures. In 2012, Trussardi My Land shows up with a modern and classic aroma that will suit almost all men.

Trussardi perfumes have the free spirit for those who craves adventure.