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TOCCA, which means ‘touch’ in Italian, has stood the test of time by staying true to the ideals that inspired the company’s creation: friendship, adventure, and following your bliss. TOCCA started in the mid-90s with a group of young friends who loved traveling the world together, so they created a solid perfume, a body oil, and a laundry delicate for like-minded female adventurers-on-the-go. Now, twenty years later, TOCCA has three collections.

The GIRLS Collection – eleven scents honoring the exceptional women the founders of the company were inspired by throughout their lives. Each GIRL represents a different woman on a different adventure, allowing customers to bring their fantasy adventures to their beauty routine.

The VOYAGE Collection – celebrating places of extraordinary natural beauty, where intriguing discoveries occur, and great love have come into being with six distinct scents as the destinations that inspired them. via