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Salvador Dali was one of the most talented and genius personalities of the 20th century. His creatures and paintings are highly praised for being original and creative. He was, and still is, one of the priceless Surrealist painters in Spain. Despite, his brilliant works, Salvador Dali became famous and popular thanks to its timeless, romantic and alluring perfumes. Salvador Dali Fragrances are described to be luring and sensual with unusual bottle designs and bright colorful ornamentation.


First Salvador Dalí perfume for women was launched in 1983, with Salvador Dali Perfume being an elegant, sweet yet flirty and modern scent. The collection continues with iconic perfumes such as Laguna Perfume by Salvador Dalí (1991), Daliflor Perfume by Salvador Dalí(1999), Eau de Ruby lips Perfume by Salvador Dalí (2005), Salvador Dali Dalilight (2011), Salvador Dali Lovely Kiss (2011), Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss (2012), Salvador Dali ITISDREAM (2012), Salvador Dali Le Roy Soleil Extreme (2012), Salvador Dali Sun & Roses (2013), Salvador Dali Dali Wild (2013).

For men Salvador Dalí offers classical and for everyday fragrances like Salvador Dali Pour Homme (1986), Black Sun cologne by Salvador Dalí (2007), Black Sun Sport cologne by Salvador Dalí (2009), Salvador Pour Homme cologne by Salvador Dalí (2010).